Monday, October 29, 2012

Large Marge!

I love repeat clients. Especially when those repeat clients know the drill! She texted me and said, I have a chair that needs to be slipcovered and I have my fabric. you tell me when and where. Done! I can always squeeze people in when they are ready to go. And because we are heading out of town on saturday I did her chair over the weekend! Here is the before:

She was a beast! Large Marge was definitely in charge! She had 2 different kinds of fabric, just in case she was short. It was pretty similar. you really would not notice the difference unless you were comparing the two close and side by side. Luckily we had enough for the big pieces and then did the piping out of the extra fabric.

Now Large Marge is looking spiffy in her new wear! As for today...I am out doing fittings so that i can hopefully finish off the weeks work by wednesday. That way I can focus on packing for Paradise for a whole 8 days!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

And the winner is....

I want to say thanks to those who left comments for the give away! You guys are the bomb! I had my 3 year old draw the winner and the luck gal is..... Amy Jones!! Congrats! Stay tuned next week for a few more posts. I am on the mad dash to finish things up before we head out to Paradise for a 8 days!!!

Just a side note. I am feeling a little generous so this is what I am scheming. Once I get 100 followers on my blog I am going to be giving away FREE LABOR on a slipcover for a chair! So go tell your friends to follow my blog so we can get this great give away going! FREE People..FREE!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Paisley, please..

So this client came to me by referral from another client, who enjoys a good paisley fabric as well. She had just moved to utah a few weeks ago and I kid you not, these chairs were fresh off the moving truck! She got her fabric at Hancock's and paid a mere $4 a yard! Sales people!! Sales! I just scored some sweet fabric from Joanns that was normally $30 a yard, but right now all home decore fabric is 50% off plus I overheard one of the girls at the cut counter tell a girl about an addition 20% off total purchase, so of course I jumped on that! So I got 16 yards of fabric that would on a normal day cost me $480 for $195!! major score!! Don't be afraid to ask the gals about additional coupons!! it pays to be nosey... Anyway.. back to the point! She had a pair of green wing back chairs. they have seen much batter days, but thats fine. Just how I like them. Used and abused!

Boring, but great bones! Well after a little tender love and care these bad boys will continue on in life looking perdy in paisley! She is planning on painting the cool claw foot legs in black. um...yes!

It was hard to get a good shot of the actual color of the fabric. But it was cool. It had some black, grey and blues in there that you'd never expect. Much better than the hunter green!

Also you only have 2 days left to enter into my give away! and right now you have basically a 1 in 4 chance of winning something... check out this post for the deets.

Tomorrow I am starting a chair, fitting a couch and attempting to finish insulating the basement! Thats right, i am done waiting for my true love to do, so I am on it!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Its finally "that" time!! I first just want to show you a few things I finished up around the house.
Item #1 curtains in the master-

I love how it finishes off the room!
Item #2 kids head board

I still need to hang some pictures, but at least they have a headboard now...
Item #3 the barstools. Did I mention that my 3 year old has single handedly destroyed 3 of the 4 barstools we had? Boo! before:

Just your typical IKEA barstool. But not after I got ahold of them!

I love them! and the best part is I can throw them in the wash if my little mutts get them dirty!

Now down to the nitty gritty! Its a kind of a 2-fer give away...For those of you that are "local" I am doing a 15% off my labor pricing!! So what does "local" mean? Well i am in Orem, so how ever close or far you are willing to drive to bring me your item to be slipcovered. For those of you who may be out of state i am going to be giving you a pair of 26x26 pillow covers in this fabric:

So my dear readers, what you must do is leave me a comment with your email address and why you need either the discounted labor or the pillow covers. I will be picking my winners 1 week from today! Good luck, and for you blog-stalkers, now is a good time to make your presence known...Just saying!

oh and don't forget to like the sewing nerd on Facebook. So go. Now!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Linen lovin

So Lindy, my client hit the "Linen Lottery"! Remember this darling barely pink linen slipcover? Well she brought me another chair to do in grey linen. I am lovin this linen she has found! Its quite fabulous if you ask me!! I want to purchase some for me. it could get dangerous around here.... anyways, here is the before. It was a simple redo, 2 cushions and the seat of the chair.

Now check it out after some "Linen lovin"... amazing!

I used the left over batting from her last chair to fluff up the back cushion and to get rid of the tufting indents. It looks fab! I love the combo of the linen and lighter wood. It gives it a restoration hardware feel, which is "soo hot" right now!

On another note, check back tomorrow for my give away! I'll be posting about it and I think you are gonna enjoy it, especially if you are local... and I finally got the kids headboard done, my bedroom curtains made and my barstools redone!! I can't wait to just relax this weekend...

oh, one more little ditty.. i am trying to decide on some fabric for curtains in our family room and kitchen area and I am having a hard time deciding, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on my picks. The paint color in our house is killing me! (We did not build it or pick it out and I have been living with it for 4 years now..) We have rounded corners, the ceiling and walls are 1 color and we have walnut base boards. Too hard to do drastic painting (for me anyway..) but it makes a great canvas for pops of color!! I am wanting something loud and bright for the curtains, just incase you are doubting my choices...
#1 Richloom Kathranne Garden

#2 Richloom Lucy Eden

#3Robert Allen Grasslands

thoughts please....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

settee: part deux

So remember this, well these next 2 pieces complete her load! i just love this client. She is so sweet and and has super fun daughters! They all came down to pick the linen slipcovered settee. What a fun bunch of gals. She has a daughter that lives in CA that is gonna schlep a chair out here during her holiday visit so I can slipcover it for her. I can't wait to see it! Anyways, here is project #1. Another settee with awesome bones, cute caster feet but horrible upholstery! I am talking needle point bad!

She brought a fun blue floral print that had some brown accents. I made a double welt piping for the trim and ta-da!

So dainty! I love how the brown accents in the fabric enhance the wood on the settee. The next project was a pair of chairs. She had them painted a milky grey/blue to go along with the awesome pink hounds tooth fabric. I love the detail on the chairs. such good find! Not so much they are on their last leg, although I have to wonder if the old fabric inspired the paint color for the chairs...
Now look at these little gems!

They are darling! I did double welt piping again on the chairs. I had to add a pleat on both sides of the chairs because we were tight on fabric and could not get the coverage i needed. I love the combo of colors! So great! I have a chair and few loose ends for me to finish up this week. I finally got my curtains made for my room. Its amazing what curtains do to a room! I'll post pics when i finish the kids head board...

Friday, October 12, 2012

The "new" nursery glider

I have to say that if I were to have another baby i would NOT do the typical glider chair for the nursery! I just never found mine all that comfortable and the fabric! Well I guess you can say that I am a bit of a snob when it comes to this, but hey, slipcovering chairs is what I do. So I am allowed! I would rock that baby in style with a old school swivel rocker! Thats kind of my jam! So i love it when my clients bring me something other than a glider to recover for their nursery. This client had a super comfy chair that she used for her little boy. It had a slipcover on it, but lets be honest...When you are having a girl you CANNOT use the same stuff! Plus its an excuse to do a complete overhaul on the nursery. I know I did.. (sorry honey). My client had a vision of what she wanted and i think her vision came out perfect! Here is the before:
original state

with the "boy" slipcover

it was a blue and brown ticking stripe with a thick brown welt for the trim. now check it out! Perfectly suitable for a little princess!

I love it!! She used a very light and soft pink linen for the body and then a shimmery gold cotton blend for the piping. She was a little nervous about the combo but it worked beautifully! It is such a transformation from the blue and brown ticking stripe. I ripped of the box skirt to give it more of a modern feel. I love how soft the color pallet is and how great that heavy irish linen was to work with!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beddin on down..

I thought I would share my latest creation with you before i have to pick up kids from school, so i'll make it snappy! Basically it winds down to this. I am just about done with the kids room (still need to make that damn headbord) but it got me thinking about my room. So of course i got side tracked yesturday and started working on the master bedroom! I have had fabric for about 6 months that I had planned on using for my room. A blue floral for the duvet, linen for the drapes and bed skirt and a bunch of mixed fabrics i have picked up along the way for pillows. Well i kept on having an inner arugement with myself about what to do because my bed happens to be soo tall!! my bed skirt would be a pain because of the height and did I mention its a 4 poster kng size bed... kill me now! but yay for comfiness! So here is what i did...

brfore (dont judge!! i have had this bedding for 10 years!! it was so hot back then...)

my insipartion...

thanksgiving point has this very set in their store and my mom thought it would be a perfect solution to my "skirt" issue... and right she was! one problem... i aint about to cough up $600 for a comforter!! Thats right peeps! So this is what i did...I took the linen i was planning to use for my curtains, turned that same idea into a duvet cover (we love to be weighed down, is that wierd?) and ta da!!

I am just going to go ahead and pat myself on the back for this one! My room is far from done, although i did just pick up some fabric today to do my curtains. $3 yrd!! holla! i am loving it! If you love it too let me know! Id be happy to make it for you! Now back to the 6 chairs i have starring at mein the face!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Come on in, settee right down. Baby let your hair hang down!

I know...nerdy title right? Well wait till you see this transformation.. You'll understand. i did a pair of chairs last year for Molly. they turned out great. Well now here mom wants in on the fun! Before she left on a month long trip with her husband she dropped off not one but 2 settees. one to be slipcovered and one to be reupholstered. as well as a pair of chairs. it actually worked out great because i can knock them out as i go about the months work load! With that said... here is settee numero uno

before it had a "lovely" farm-scape fabric. i am sure you can remember seeing a beauty like this in your grandparents house... well, not any more!

Now check it out! Such a transformation! She originally wanted to to a simple box skirt but then she remembered how great her daughters chairs turned out with the box pleat skirt. So.. thats what we did! The fabric was a beautiful oatmeal linen/cotton blend. It was the perfect fabric to coverup the farm and give it some much needed respect! I mean, the lines of the settee were great, but not with that fabric! Now you get a peep show of the cute legs. it turned out so great!

Now you'll want to "settee" your butt on down! no more snuggling up to the livestock, just fabulousness!

I also got a second to sneak away and watch some of the wonderful Dressage rides going on this weekend at the Region 5 Dressage Championships at the Wasatch Event Center in Heber.

Man do i miss it, but i will be coming out guns a blazing next season! It was fun to see my good friends ride and be back in that atmosphere! i also snapped a few pictures of the stall drapes i made for my trainer. Look past the mess... thats how horse shows roll...

They are soo different and so much more fun than everyone else's...sorry, but its true!! Good luck this weekend!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend warrior

So i was in a "mood" this past weekend... It all happened on saturday. It started with painting the kids new shared room from a dusty pink to dapper tan. While the paint was drying we cleaned out the garage. then once my husband left to play golf I knocked out 4 curtain panels, a queen duvet cover and 6 pillows for their room! I love the new color scheme but they still need a headboard. So I am thinking this will get done next saturday.... maybe! i don't have any before pics but at least you can get an idea of what we are going for...
Once it is all pulled together i give you a peek. Today i am gonna attempt to work on redoing my room and start to fit a settee for a client. I have a few days before I am super slammed again.... I may even make brownies. don't worry, i will still do a give away, but so far I have one response... come on peeps!