Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grey Linen Beauty

I just finished this great little couch for a client. She found it on ksl and was drawn to it because of the legs. She was able to see past the nasty green upholstery to its true potential. Her inspiration came from Restoration Hardware. They have an awesome line of furniture that just makes you smile. Anyways, she chose a grey linen to cover the couch and then sanded the legs down to finish off the look. I love how it turned out. PS She is an awesome designer, her house is AMAZING!!! Check out her link to her blog, a saltbox its definitely inspiring! She is so cute, when I dropped off her couch last night, she sent me away with a rocking chair to re-do. I just love this girl!


Here is the rocking chair...I love it!!

On friday I am being featured on Pink and Polkadot! Yay!! Go check it out!

Oh... the drapes are done, they are off getting embroidered and then, and only then can you see them!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I know my posts have been a little few and far in between, but man am I busy!! Here is a little update for you, they are not quite before and afters but more like before and worse before the better! I finally got my butt in gear to strip down the nasty brown couch that will shine so bright for my little brother's wedding in august. It needs a little TLC on the frame but i think the worst is just about over....
from bad

to worse???

Lets just say I took an hour shower after i stripped it!!

My mom decided to drop off this little number she score from my grandma...I think it came from a church foyer! No one really knows. Its primed and ready for a fresh coat of Almond high gloss paint (not shown...)

If you look int the background you will see a "beautiful" yellow and pink floral couch. It belongs to my brother's soon to be mother in law. She is one of my favorite people!! the fabric I am going to slip cover her couch in, if I ever get to it... she got from Joann's and she scored it for 75% off!!! its actually really cool looking fabric.

I am super excited about the stall drapes I am smack in the middle of doing. The fabric finally arrived so now I am off and running! They should be up on the blog in the next week or so. The fabric we went with is soo different than anything out there! she is definitely gonna turn heads at the show this year! pics of the "middle" of this project.

Oh... and as if I did no have enough going on, my great friend Carrie, who is an amazing quilter gave me a challenge for my next "flip" project.. I found a great pair of funky club chairs on casters that have low backs and modern lines. She went to a quilting show last month and was inspired by a particular quilt...It was for a man and if you can believe it, it was boobs!! thats right a 3D quilted boob quilt! i died laughing!! she thought it would be appropriate for a man cave. so the challenge: Menswear. anything man, since the last few projects have been on the feminine side. so this is what I was thinking of using:

Its super soft but has great texture, I cant help but think I need to make a matching smoking jacket out of it to go with the chairs! I should go with her first thought....
As for today....I picked up 2 chairs for a new client. She is super cute and hip and has transformed her house into a vintage paradise! She found these great chairs at the, kinda jealous! She is wanting to redo the green chair in a blueish turquoise velour fabric and change the wood color. the jury is still out on the brown pleather....

I will be out tomorrow and Friday for a small vaca....I am talking mini!! Don't ask, but will be back in time to welcome a new clients love seat into the sweat shop! So please, be patient because before you know it i will have a legit AFTER over load!!!

p.s. this fabulous couch is looking for a new home... plus my dungeon is getting full. if you did not know me you may think I have a "furniture" addiction. I am asking $500. she is marvelous! text or email if you want to come check her out!