Monday, May 28, 2012

Just a heads up...

Happy Memorial Day!! I hope you are spending it wisely! I just wanted to drop a note between projects and tell you that I will be raising my prices in the next few months. So my Memorial Day gift to you is: Book your project before the change and I will give you my current pricing for any future projects you may have! Thats right! If I have done work for you anytime up to the time my prices change, you get my CURRENT prices for anything else in the future!! Don't worry, I'll give you a heads up as to when the the price increase will happen, but I want to give my fabulous clients, readers, followers, and stalkers (blog, that is..) the opportunity to get some Sewing Nerd love!! It won't be a super huge increase by any means, I love keeping things affordable, thats the point, but the time has come my friends, the time has come.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The BOLD and the Beautiful

Jen has to be one of my favorite clients!!! She is just so happy and cheerful to be around. We actually found each other about a year ago. She has been toying with the idea of slipcovering these very red and very BOLD pottery barn chairs. While she was going back and forth with the idea, I slipcovered a chair for her cute mom, Bev! Oh how I love these two women:) So when cute Jen found the perfect fabric to go with her newly redecorated front room she called me up and we got to it! Before:
Her chairs were great to start with, but she wanted to tone the red down... So thats exactly what we did! After:
We opted against doing a skirt, they have such cute legs! These chairs had some tucking ability! You could easily lose a family of 4 in the there! It was perfect because there was no seat cushions to keep the slipcover in place. She sent me pictures from her phone that night with the chairs in their proper home. I love how her room turned out! Great job Jen!!
I am now going to attempt to update my before/after page.... wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The same, yet different....

This client had the coolest little chair that she wanted to have slipcovered. When she first bought it, it was super retro! Down to the velvet that covered it! So she took it into an upholstery shop to be covered in muslin. A slipcovers dream. I don't have a picture of the original chair, my client said she would send me one so I could post it. She wanted the chair covered in a beautiful off white stone washed linen. It was a dream to work with! I love me a good linen. Before:
I love this chair! It really has the coolest lines to it! I boxed up the cushion and decided against doing a skirt. We had to show of the cute little legs! After:
The color is almost the same as the muslin the chair was wrapped in, but is soo much better now! I could not be happier with how it turned out!!! I am now booking for August! If you have an questions feel free to contact me. Happy Tuesdee!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Out with the old...

So I am happy to report that my moment of not wanting to reupholster is over. Apparently there are quite a few of you that object to that thought! Which is great, my clients are the best!! So carry on as if nothing happened. I finished up the final 4 chairs for a country club earlier in the week. I will be going there for Mother's Day so I will grab a picture, but until then, you get the "garage" photo shoot. Remember these....
So much better now!
I'd Love to say that I have taken this whole week off, but nay!! I have pumped out 3 more chairs for 2 more clients in 4 days. I will post about them next week... So yes, I am leaving you hanging! My schedule continues to fill up, which leaves me to clients rock!!! All I can say is Thank You!!!! Hope you all have wonderful Mother's Day weekend, and don't get the shaft on the gifts...