Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nailed it!

Kristi is an awesome repeat client of mine and had a few things she wanted to update in her home, so of course i had to hook a sister up! She had 4 cushions that needed some color in her mud room and a dining bench that needed a refresher. She is the easiest person to work with, i just love her!!

So much better! Color fixes everything!

now for the dining bench.. it had great bones and shape to it, the fabric was just worn. I had to rip off about 500 nail heads before i could completely strip it. then i had to hammer in 500 new nail heads after... but it is soo worth the look!

Her fabric was a really pretty green/grey velour. At least thats what it looked like down in the dungeon. The lighting is soo bad down there its hard to tell what the real color of anything is! I should look into that... Anyways, I am headed out on a hot date for the night. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! I have been redoing the kids room so I'll have some pics for you monday! Peace out!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Man she is a strong one!

Cute Susie was referred to me by one of my super awesome clients. Cute Susie lives in Idaho. Cute Susie has a super cute 86 yr old father that came and dropped off her fabric. We chatted for a good hour. He is my new favorite person! So Susie has 6 of the Ikea barstools that have slipcovers. Lets face it, Ikea has great bones, but with a little creativity, Ikeas' stuff can be spectacular! I normally need the item I am slipcovering to make the fitted cover, but in this case it just so happened that I was in the market for 4 new bar stools. Big Red ( my tinny 3.5 year old red headed daughter) has managed to single handedly break 3 of the 4 bar stools we are currently using. Man she is a strong one! And yes...I am still using them! I am not sure how a tinny little person can do that 3 times in a row... but alas. she did. So, this gave me the excuse to finally buy some new ones that I can put my own flare on! Susie has 6 barstools, but you will be seeing 4...


i am in LOVe with this print! She got in from this awesome little shop in South Carolina while on a girls trip. I am jonesin for some!! I love how they look! I can't wait to get going on mine. P.s. I realize that the quality of my pictures are horrid! It will be my goal for next year to provide you with legit pics, but until then, all i have time for is the point and click. compliments of my iPhone. Look for another post later this week! I am tempted to do a contest for my followers (all 46 of you), so your thoughts on what you'd like to win would be much appreciated! who knows... it could be something super fantastic!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Talk dirty to me!

So we ran the "Dirty Dash" last Saturday... Soo much fun! It may become a Mortensen tradition! We did it with the in-laws and nephews. we had a blast. the Piglet Plunge was great too. Laker loved getting dirty! We did the 10k option...we had to get our moneys' worth! I felt like Steve and i could rock a "MTV Challenge"! We had soo much fun. Not to mention the shower situation after... group showers anyone....
Here we have me hosing Laker down in his undees and Steve washing off after the big race. Paying that extra $6 for a hot "shower" was worth it! Perfect activity to end the summer. I also managed to get these chairs done last week. Debbie is an awesome lady who splits her time between draper and florida! She works in Florida in the school system and gets awesome retirement perks.... so she is sticking it out while her husband mans the fort back in draper. i met with her way back in the year to chat about this project and i finally was able to work her in. She wanted to change the look of the chairs completely, so her sister, who is a designer back east ordered her fabric and got the ball rollng! here is the before of the chairs:
she has 6 total but we only reupholstered 4 of them. We changed the look by going with a more contemporary fabric and doing away with the skirt. Its amazing how different they look!
So great! on another note I am booked till January!! horay! We have a lot of exciting things going on. We fought the battle with the real estate market this year and almost came out on to buyers that back out on you! So we have decided to pull the house off the market and finish the basement. hopefully we can get a lot of the dirty sheet rock stuff done before the new year. My husband is on a rampage to get it done. So keep your fingers crossed! We will also be making the treck with kids in tow to Kona in november! thanks mom and dad for our early christmas presant! we are soo excited! i will have a few more posts for you this week as I am super busy!! i may have an extra spot open up in Ocotober, so if you are wanting something done,now is your chance!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Reality Check...

Well, I am sad to report I am home from the greatest place on earth...Lake Powell. Yes I was gone for a FULL week with the hubby and our super great friends on a super sweet house boat. Did i mention there was NO kids... Ah... While I was happy to see those smiling faces, I dread coming home from that trip! I have to wear "normal" cloths...heaven forbid I grocery shop in my swim suit... tend to my motherly responsibilities and function is society...BOO!!!! But I am back in the swing of things and my sweat shop is working overtime! I just finished this couch for one of my designer clients. This was for one of his clients, and I loved hanging out with her while I fitted her couch. She moved her with her husband from PA to be closer to family. When I asked her how she had liked it, she replied "I hate it! we'd like to be back in Florida. We enjoy an nice cocktail..." LOL! I love this woman!! She was soo nice and I just enjoyed chatting with her while I worked. She has a super darling house that is put together really well. She had this big red couch that followed her from PA and it just was not gelling with her darling house. It was LOUD! Before:
So with the designers help they picked this beautiful fabric that actually resembled her grass cloth wallpaper. One was drapery fabric. It was too light for a slipcover and it had movement to it. So I had to line the sucker up! We did a simple box skirt. Its amazing what a change in fabric can do do a loud piece of furniture. Now the couch does not scream at you when you walk in the door. Now it welcomes you in, a lot like Connie! After:
Love it!! Just a quick blurb... I am pretty much booked solid till January!!! Yay!! but I may still be able to fit 1 or 2 more clients in between now and december... so let me know asap if you are jonesing to get something done before the holidays. I can't tell you how much I appreciate my clients, they are truly awesome!