Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Button Chair

Can I just tell you how much I love this chair! I stripped it down and gave it back to my client to refinish the wood. She was not sure what she was going to do to it, but once she found her killer fabric she knew. I love LOVE her fabric. It is beautiful! It is a soft green with almond undertone and then and paisley design embroidered on it. She snagged the last 3.5 yards...we had just enough to make it work. Its just one of those chairs that makes you smile. Need I say more???

When I got the fabric off, the original color was more of a bright green velour....crazy how worn things can get!

p.s. i will be participating in a photography 101 class this winter to help me remember how to use my nice camera so my pictures look more legit... I know the iPhone pics are sweet with the awesome lighting, but i am letting you know i am being proactive in regards to this "issue".

p.s.s I am hoping to have this sweet chair I scored for next to nothing finished this week before I head out off to Powell for a whole week with just my honey!!! Horay, but this chair is gonna be super sweet, I found an awesome fabric that is super soft and comfy and has a great array of browns and creams. It will be available later this week for $275. Stay tuned!!
Peace Out!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Floral couch and tree chairs

So remember this couch that I did a while back???


Well I sold it last week! This darling couple came by to look at it. They just bought a new house and were in need of new furniture. Once they saw the couch they instantly fell in love with it!! As they were leaving they saw my "lovely" tree chairs I bought a while back. Remember...

Well they had to have them! They loved how the lines of the chairs matched the couch and it turned out that the fabric I had bought to slip them in matched perfectly with the couch. All we did was change out the fabric I was going to use for the piping. We used a light green grey cotton that looks like linen and then piped it out in the fabric I slipped the sofa in. They turned out great!

They bought the couch and chairs on a Saturday and i had to get them done by the following Tuesday night! I was leaving for Powell on wednesday afternoon with the kiddos so i had to get them done before we left. Never mind that these pictures were taken at 1 o'clock in the morning in my foyer....got to love the 7 am pick up!! They are going to email me a picture of their family room once it is all put together!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pretty in Pleats

So this couch is gonna blow your mind! Not only is the shape super darling but my client got this couch from ksl for $20!! and to top it off, she found her fabric at Walmart for...wait for it.... $1 a yard!!! So what did she do? She bought the whole bolt for $20!!! I really liked her fabric. It has some stretch and sheen to it. Once I washed it, it lost some of the sheen and gave it more of a linen look. I did a 3" knife pleat on the skirt. I really loved how it turned out!!

It is a simple camel back that was in pretty good condition....for ksl.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to normal!

So the wedding was a huge success and the happy couple is now off in Mexico enjoying their honeymoon! I have to say the grey couch was a hit!! I rented it out the week before the wedding for an event at Thanksgiving Point. Here is a pic. the designer sat on the couch that evening while meeting fans. they loved the couch too!

We used it for the reception over the weekend too. Missy wanted me to make 4 pillows that would spell out "LOVE" to put on the couch. It looked so good! Once their wedding pictures are posted I will put them up. Now that its over, its on to the next so that means that the Grey Linen Couch is FOR SALE!! I am asking $1400. Spread the word! You can email me if you would like to come and see it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two-Tone Lounge

So I got a call last week from a cute gal up on Park City. She had 2 chaise lounge couches that she wanted slipcovers for and already had fabric! She had a definite idea of what she wanted. She had bought 20 yards of fabric about a year ago and was ready to get started. She wanted double needle stitching over the seams instead of doing the traditional piping. The only problem we ran into was she did not purchase enough fabric. She ended up find almost the same fabric but in cream. So we did the cushions, pillows and the the underside of the pleat in the skirt so it would show thru and tie everything together. I am not gonna lie, this was a lot of work!! I had to serge every piece of fabric I cut and then topstitch over all the seams, but it was worth it!! I really loved how it turned out! The couches are more on the modern side but the slipcovers soften up the lines and give it more of a comfy, summery feel to it. I really like the way the cream stitching pops against the darker fabric.

We only dressed the one couch for a picture, she is in the middle of packing up her place and heading back to Florida.....and yes, I should be slapped for the poor quality of pictures.... my bad!!!



They look a little messy due to folding them for the car ride up, but they turned out great! The other couch sit across from it and mirrors it's shape.

on another note, I snuck away to Vegas with the ladies on the Machin side of the family. We had soo much fun and did i mention we went and saw Celine!!! She was awesome! It was a nice little mid week break just in time for this week's whirlwind. My brother is getting married on Saturday so we are in overdrive drive trying to get stuff finished up. I have to sew a bunch of cushions for the chairs, make curtains for a photo booth and the list goes on and on and its only tuesday! But i did get in some fun time with my 2 little nerds..