Saturday, October 20, 2012


Its finally "that" time!! I first just want to show you a few things I finished up around the house.
Item #1 curtains in the master-

I love how it finishes off the room!
Item #2 kids head board

I still need to hang some pictures, but at least they have a headboard now...
Item #3 the barstools. Did I mention that my 3 year old has single handedly destroyed 3 of the 4 barstools we had? Boo! before:

Just your typical IKEA barstool. But not after I got ahold of them!

I love them! and the best part is I can throw them in the wash if my little mutts get them dirty!

Now down to the nitty gritty! Its a kind of a 2-fer give away...For those of you that are "local" I am doing a 15% off my labor pricing!! So what does "local" mean? Well i am in Orem, so how ever close or far you are willing to drive to bring me your item to be slipcovered. For those of you who may be out of state i am going to be giving you a pair of 26x26 pillow covers in this fabric:

So my dear readers, what you must do is leave me a comment with your email address and why you need either the discounted labor or the pillow covers. I will be picking my winners 1 week from today! Good luck, and for you blog-stalkers, now is a good time to make your presence known...Just saying!

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  1. Katie Mea I stalk you. Whenever you post a new blog a FB I love to see what you have done. It is amazing this talent you have found. I need a window seat cushion so I'd love the 15% off.

  2. I inherited a relax-a-back chair from my grandpa several years ago & only recently got it out of storage to use. It's been names the "pee chair" because everyone assumed grandpa had accidents in the chair. I'd love to get it reupholstered but given the new move, funds are a little tight. And my sis-in-law has been telling me to check out your work!!

  3. I live in Salt Lake, but would love me some pillows! Love your work and your barstools look great!

  4. Forget diamonds...PILLOWS are a girl's best friend! And I could use me some cute ones!