Monday, October 29, 2012

Large Marge!

I love repeat clients. Especially when those repeat clients know the drill! She texted me and said, I have a chair that needs to be slipcovered and I have my fabric. you tell me when and where. Done! I can always squeeze people in when they are ready to go. And because we are heading out of town on saturday I did her chair over the weekend! Here is the before:

She was a beast! Large Marge was definitely in charge! She had 2 different kinds of fabric, just in case she was short. It was pretty similar. you really would not notice the difference unless you were comparing the two close and side by side. Luckily we had enough for the big pieces and then did the piping out of the extra fabric.

Now Large Marge is looking spiffy in her new wear! As for today...I am out doing fittings so that i can hopefully finish off the weeks work by wednesday. That way I can focus on packing for Paradise for a whole 8 days!!!

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