Thursday, November 3, 2011

A new found love...

A few months back I was contacted by a cute gal that had a pair of chairs that needed a change. She was really inspired by a chair she saw in Pottery Barn.

So she began her hunt for the perfect ticking stripe! She found her fabric at Calico Corner's, but had a little buyers remorse. You can imagine that at $15 yard for 2 chairs, you better want to marry that fabric! Luckily they have a great return policy because she found the same fabric on a different website for, are you ready for this....$3 a yard! So now, not only is she happy about the oodles of money she saved, but her chairs are that much amazing because they look like a Pottery Barn chair!
Here is the before:

They are awesome chairs but she just wanted a different look. She loved the box pleat skirt on the PB chair and how the cute little feet showed thru. Well her chair had the cute feet but the sides of her chair curved down past the front of the chair. So I dropped the skirt low enough to cover the sides but still give you a little peep show of the feet. I loved how they turned out! I never knew how much I could love the ticking stripe. Its all over the place and yes, I have walked past it a hundred times at the fabric store. But not now! I shall give the ticking stripe the proper respect it deserves and find some place in my house to use it!

I cant wait to see the pair together in her living room! She is picking them up today so ! will post her pic later today.

Here is another striped chair for you to see. This gal teaches private swim lessons and was in need of some TLC for her chair she was given a while back. She also had some pillows that she wanted made to tie her room together. So...she found this red stripe fabric for her chair and a fun blue and red floral for her pillows. They look great together!

It is a great little chair that was in need up an update. I boxed up the back cushion and gave it a 12" simple box skirt.

And finally...I did a few parsons chairs for my aunt's waxing studio. Um..if you dont go there to get waxed you should!! They are amazing!! Have you ever heard of a vagazzel? 'nough said.
Back to the subject, she needed some chairs for two of her rooms. This is what I came up with....

I cut the "lovely" skirt off and then painted the legs white.

One of the chairs has a cut little knife pleat for the skirt while the other one has a ruffled skirt with 2 layers, white under the red. They are both fun but different. The turned out great and they look awesome in her rooms! I will snap a pic at my next appointment....

I have 1 chair and window seat cushion to finish this week and then I am taking 2 weeks off to get me stuff ready for Bijou Market and work on a couch for a special client. All I can say is my chairs that will be for sale at the show will b e quite fabulous! This is the most $ have spent per yard on any project, but it was worth it! I will have only 1 spot open for the end of November and 3 spots in December so let me know soon!

p.s... I sold my grey linen couch last month but I wanted to share what it looked like at my brother's wedding....

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