Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beddin on down..

I thought I would share my latest creation with you before i have to pick up kids from school, so i'll make it snappy! Basically it winds down to this. I am just about done with the kids room (still need to make that damn headbord) but it got me thinking about my room. So of course i got side tracked yesturday and started working on the master bedroom! I have had fabric for about 6 months that I had planned on using for my room. A blue floral for the duvet, linen for the drapes and bed skirt and a bunch of mixed fabrics i have picked up along the way for pillows. Well i kept on having an inner arugement with myself about what to do because my bed happens to be soo tall!! my bed skirt would be a pain because of the height and did I mention its a 4 poster kng size bed... kill me now! but yay for comfiness! So here is what i did...

brfore (dont judge!! i have had this bedding for 10 years!! it was so hot back then...)

my insipartion...

thanksgiving point has this very set in their store and my mom thought it would be a perfect solution to my "skirt" issue... and right she was! one problem... i aint about to cough up $600 for a comforter!! Thats right peeps! So this is what i did...I took the linen i was planning to use for my curtains, turned that same idea into a duvet cover (we love to be weighed down, is that wierd?) and ta da!!

I am just going to go ahead and pat myself on the back for this one! My room is far from done, although i did just pick up some fabric today to do my curtains. $3 yrd!! holla! i am loving it! If you love it too let me know! Id be happy to make it for you! Now back to the 6 chairs i have starring at mein the face!!!


  1. You did it again Yoda master, was that too cheesy? anyway your bedroom looks gorgeous and super comfy, the blue pillows are my favorite.

  2. I love this! This would be amazing! Could you do this for us! Amazing! So beautiful!