Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Modern Banquet

So I had a lady contact me about a month ago regarding a banquet set she got off of kls. They are quite the set... There are 4 of them and when they are all together they form 2 semi-circles. Anyways, it too her a while to find fabric. She brought them to me last week with this $100/yd of fabric she scored off of ebay for $12/yd! Not too shabby. They are moving to AZ next month and she is scoring deals left and right to furnish the new house. I have to say I had my doubts....but I really love how they turned out. They definitely were a real brain buster. She was originally going to cover them herself, and bless her heart for trying. When she dropped them off to me she brought me the fabric, a pattern out of sheets and a bunch of snaps and ropes and gadgets to make the cover stay. She spent 20 hrs tying to figure it out and then threw in the towel! Poor thing! They were a bugger but man, did I own them! There are no cushions and the the tuck allowance was MINIMAL. the problem was #1, they are curved and #2 when ever you tucked them in and proceeded to sit in them, they would come undone and bulge. So, I had to get creative to keep the chair tight and in place every time someone sat in them. I'd lioke to go ahead and pat myself on the back for this one... i had my kids jump on them and my husband to a sit test and they past!!



They look great!!

Friday, May 6, 2011


So my favorite Aunt Jo, the one that had me redo her chair and ottoman -the cat's scratching post...


She wanted some pillows made from the same fabric for her couches. I made 3 of the 5 with regular welting around the edges and the remaining 2 with ruffles. I love them soo much that i want to make some for my couch, only i will have to choose a different fabric or you will never see them!!! they turned out great! (sorry for the camera phone pics... and Lakers semi-made bed!)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Blue Floral Beauty

Ok....I realize that this couch is not for everyone, but I had a little fun with the fabric. Oh, and it's for sale.... I love the lines of this couch and thought I would give it an more "updated" floral print. I am really digging the color pallet of the fabric and ended up making some pillows to dress it up.


I ripped the skirt off and painted the legs to go better with the fabric. Oh how I love the end result!!


Soo....Whats next you say? Well, I picked up this lovely pair of chairs. I think they have been under plastic their entire existence!! I love LOVE these chairs! The second I got them home and really sat in them I about died! They are soo comfortable! Not to mention...they rock and swivel! I have not decided what to do with them yet. I am open to opinions...

Umm... for this next one, all I want to do is punch it in the face!!! If it had one... Every time I look at it I feel like I just became a little dumber. It is an inspiration sucker! I got it for $5 and I feel as though I got ripped off! My plans were to slipcover it up, but I just hate it soo much. It is definitely a challenge and not because of the work involved, but because I truly hate it! I could always reupholster it, you never know, it may feel good to just rip it apart...It is heavy, needs all the legs replace and needs to stop getting hit by the ugly stick!!! I am sure I will figure out what to do with it, but until then it will sit in the deepest, darkest part of the sweat shop until I feel it can come out of time out!

Also, one of my best friends, who happens to be an amazing horse trainer has asked me to make her a set of stall drapes. I know, your probably thinking, "What the crap!!?? Drapes for a horse stall?" But no, you see, before I became a loving mother of 2, I rode and showed horses. Now when you travel to shows, you always need an extra stall next to your horses to put all your stuff in and then hang stall drapes up to represent your barn or trainer. Well, she wants to bust out of the norm!!! I am soo excited to make them for her. They are usually super boring and blahh! For example...

I love how they took this picture on a set and not at an actual barn... anyways we are planning on trading the labor for training. I got back into the horse world when I was almost ready to pop with my last child (2 yrs ago) and now she is 3 and I have started to break her. She is awesome!!! I am so excited to show her next year. She is gonna be amazing and I am a little giddy about her potential. Here is a pic I took of her a month or so ago when I was almost warm enough to be spring.....