Monday, January 30, 2012

Just a thought...

So I have been working, I promise! Even though there is no photo proof.... I just dropped off a cushion redo that I had been working on for one of my super awesome clients! She had this great leather sectional that has been loved to death! The back cushions and body of the couch was still in great condition, so I cut off her seat cushions and replaced it with an awesome heavy and super soft upholstery fabric. We actually used the wrong side up on this fabric. It had a chocolate brown weave, but there was a hint of purple in it that was really loud. So we flipped it! They are in the middle of finishing their basement, so once it is in its proper place, you will see how it rocks!! I really love the leather/fabric combo. It really softened up the couch and gave it another good 10 years of life!

I am super excited about my blog's, "Make Over"!! Don't worry, I am not talking about its current condition. I have been working with Alexi Bullock from Alexi Bullock Design for the last few months. She has been working on the look of my brand and I am super excited with what she has created! I can wait to show it off! Hopefully you will see the "new" me in a week or so!

I am just about the begin work on a ton of projects for one client. She is building a "Modern Farmhouse" in Farmington and I am super jealous! But her stuff is going to be amazing! She has really great taste and her fabrics she picked rock! So stay tuned for little sneak peeks here and there.

Now, to wrap it all up. Cute Shelley from House of Smiths contacted me about making a bench seat cushion for a nook her house. She bought one of my pillows from Bijou Market over the holidays and loved it. I can't wait to see what fabric she brings me. Her house is fabulous, filled with awesome textures, patterns and color. If you have not visited her website, um... go now!

So again, a thousand apologies for no pics, but hey, thats life! We are in the middle of finishing our basement so my sweat shop is in shambles!!!! It's driving me crazy, but soon enough I will have an awesome set up that has HEAT!!! Oh Joy! So hang in there and have a lovely Mondee!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

For Sale!

So I bought this chair and ottoman to slipcover for a boutique and never ended up needing it. It would be an awesome piece slipcovered.... I have enough of a chocolate brown linen or a fun light teal/green and cream mod floral print to slip it in. Or you can provide your own fabric too! Let me know if you are interested, it is collecting dust in the basement and it just stares at me with hate when I am working in my sweat shop. I can feel it!!! The chair with ottoman and labor will be $295. Just a thought....

Monday, January 23, 2012

I made it for my momma

A while back, like June (yikes!) my mom gave her mom a nice little recliner and in return my grandma gave her this. Scroll down past the horrific couch to the less horrific chair... Well, her birthday is next week so I thought I better get on it. Its only been waiting for some love for like...ever! I am a horrible daughter. She gets home tonight from being at Market all week in Dallas, so I thought I would surprise her with this!! Happy "early" Birthday Mom!!

I painted the legs and arms a nice cream color to go with the browns and creams in her bedroom. I also made her a few pillows from the trim fabric was well as the scraps. I have to say, it looks so much better!! I also made pillow covers for the "lounge" pillows she has in the basement. These pillows have been around FOREVER! I remember watching saturday morning cartoons on the big ones when I was little. They have been recovered a number of times, but this time they are decade appropriate... I had some extra drop cloth laying around so I put it to use. It will match the basement perfect! She just ordered and awesome sectional that AMAZING!

Side Note... I am pretty much booked for the month of February and will start scheduling for March. I do a small opening right now so let me know if you are ready to rock and roll!

Side Note. again... I have a few pillows in my Etsy Shop. I will be adding things like pillows, drapery, bedding and furniture in my down time. Peace Out! For real this time...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

It snowed!!!

Just kidding! But I wonder what it would look like? It has been so long since we've seen in Utah.... But cute Laura reminded me of what the white stuff looked like with her chair and ottoman redo! She brought me this great chair and ottoman that she wanted to put in her grand kid's playroom and guess what came along with it...... White matelasse fabric! Actually she had 2 different patterns. We mixed it up with the cushions. This fabric was awesome to work with and I am loving the results! We did a simple box skirt on the chair and ottoman and I ran piping along the inside of the arms to give it a more finished look. Enjoy!


I love this!! and she did too!

This next one is not a before and after, but more of a "blank canvas"... So a sister to one of my friends from high school called me because she bought this rocker and ottoman for her baby's room but realized it would cost too much to redo so she bought a glider rocker and now needs to get rid of this. I have no need for it but I told her I bet I could get it sold for her! This chair is ready to be slipcovered! all it needs is some fun fabric and BAM!! brand new chair. It resembles the pottery barn rockers, so people...get your imaginations on!!

She is asking $99 for the pair. Her name is Kendra and her # is 801-369-0651. THe chair is located in Lehi!
If you love the idea of slipcovering it, this is what you need for me to do it:
around 13 yards of home decor fabric for both chair and ottoman, but depending on the skirt, you may need a little more or less. My labor on the pair will be $275. I do have 1 spot open at the end of this month and 1 in the middle of February...
If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

p.s. if anyone is looking for an awesome pair of swivel rockers to slipcover, these babies are amazing!!!! and cheap!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pair of FUGLY chairs #2

So remember these.... the pairs of horrible carpet chairs, you have to scroll down a bit.. Well I finished the second one and boy oh boy I have one word...."Jealous!" The second I finished this chair i was ticked... I wanted it for me! Michelle had picked out 3 fabrics to work with for the chair and ottoman. We had issues with getting enough fabric so she mixed it up and made it funky and fresh! let me just remind you of the horribleness I had to start with. (never mind the red head riding her princess bike in the background. She is refuses to take off the princess jammie shirt she is wearing. its been on for 3 days now. thanks mom.... that how we roll)

She found an awesome mustard corduroy for her cushions, a neutral quilted brown fabric for the ottoman and a cool synthetic grey corduroy for the body of the chair and all the piping for the cushions, chair and ottoman. The piping pulls it all together. It will make more sense when she sends me pics of her completed room. I can't wait to see it, but till them my pictures will have to do...Now take a looksy!

I love it and the mustard and grey combo is my favorite!!
Next up... Nursery Fun! So this client happens to be my cousin's neighbor. She is expecting her second little girl any day now. I hope sooner than later for her sake! Anyways, she is in transition of moving her toddler to big girl bed and getting her nursery set up so bare with me on the pictures. She is going to send me some once she gets her curtain rods up. Back to the story... She needed 4 curtain panels made for the nursery that hang 8' tall, crib bumpers and a crib skirt and a coordinating pillow. In her toddlers room we made a long cushion for her wind seat with a matching valence as well as a few fun pillows to trow on the bench. The fabric she chose was AMAZING! I can't wait to see it all up in put together.
Here is a picture of the crib bumpers. We did 6 pieces that will tie together and a matching crib skirt.

In the same room she will have 4 curtain panels (fabric on the left...the one on the right is the valence for the other room) and a matching pillow.

Here is the bench cushion for her toddler room.

and then 2 of each of these pillows

I love it all! It makes me want to tackle so many projects around the house. Maybe... Anyways, next week I have to make cushion covers for a client who loves their leather sectional, but can stand to look at the warn, ripped and make shift patches for the cushions. I also have another chair and ottoman combo too. I still have a few spots open for this month but they are filling up fast so contact me if you are ready to go! Have a lovely rest of your saturday night. I know I will, Charles Barkley is on SNL so....gotta go!