Thursday, February 28, 2013

Glue it like its hot!!!

So I was wondering thru Costco Tuesday while both kids were at school. Actually, I dont wander thru Costco. i am an "in and out" kid of shopper. I can do Costco in 15 min on the busiest day! But on this particular day I just happened to be shopping slower than usual. Thats when cute Stefanie called me. She needed 3 cushions covered on her couch. But here is the deal...She originally wanted to have her couch reupholstered, but her quote from the upholstery shop came in WAY over budget. So what did she do... tackled it by herself! Well it just happened that Stefanie lives 2 seconds from costco so I headed on over to grab her cushions and fabric.

Can I just say.. her house is DARLING! When I got there she had her couch body mostly put together.. with nothing but fabric and her hot glue gun!! It actually looked pretty great. Its funny what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it, along with a little sweat and elbow grease! thats my kind of girl. Its just a temporary fix until she has it slipcovered, but until then it will do the job!

She did not have enough of the velour fabric to do all the cushions, so we broke it up with what she had. the tops and bands are out of the velour, the piping is out of the couch fabric and the bottoms were out of an fabric she grabbed but did not like when she got home. Lucky for me it was just enough to squeek out 3 cushions! Did i mention she got her couch fabric from home Fabrics for $2.99 a yard?!! Here are the pics she sent me once she got the home! Pretty great for HOT GLUE!!!

I love all the fun colors in her pillows. Such a fun room. It basically right in her kitchen! Anyways... pretty impressive, way to go Stefanie!!

Now we are off on a fun filled adventure for a week! My goal is to come back rested and with a beautiful tan!! I'll let you know how I do;)

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