Friday, March 15, 2013

I am back!

Well.. I am happy to report that we cruised thru the Gulf of Mexico without getting stranded at sea, or at port for that matter...I think I have officially stopped swaying and have regained my land legs! We had such a great time! We went with some good friends that live in Houston. They are cruise connoisseurs! When we got to the ship to get on board we noticed that the crowd getting on was, for lack of a better word.."retirees"! No joke! we were one on maybe 12 couples that looked under the age of 35!! Seriously! Did I mention that there were 3000 passengers... It was a geriatric cruise! I have never seen so many rascals, walkers, wheel chairs and canes in all my life! That being said, it was probably the funnest cruise that we have ever been on! We were the entertainment for the rest of the passengers! No one could really participate in the pool games due to knee and hip replacements! We kept getting asked if we were the dancers in one of the shows. (no joke) All the night clubs were empty because everyone went to bed at 8!

We did have thee BEST dining table! We had a couple from Omaha, one from Houston and another from New York. We had soo much fun with them. Our stops were Honduras, Belize and Cozumel. I think one time to these places was just enough...

Now back to reality! I am super excited to tell you that I am going to be teaching a classs on slipcovers next thursday night for the Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club. Its going to be a lot of fun and I hope that i can shed some light on what I do! The classes are open to its members and membership is FREE!! So go sign up and enjoy some awesome classes all year long!

I am now booking for April! Also, I have some really fun pillows in my etsy shop right now that are perfect for spring! They will add that perfect pop of color to any room!

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