Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Beddin on down: part deux

So remember the bedding I made for me? We a cute friend of mine really loved it. Her husband decided it was a good christmas gift for her (good choice in my opinion...) Well after having a hard time picking fabric she finally settled on this:

Waverly Esmee Turquoise. Its darling! And its actually more blue than green if you ask me.. Anyways, her fabric arrive this week from so I got right to it! I had to test it out on my kids bed to make sure it all fit, so forgive the fact that it does not match! But I love it! It is so fun and fresh! We had just enough fabric to squeeze out 2 26"x26" pillow covers too. Obviously I am going to have her send me a picture of it in her room, but until then you get this...
Pretty fun right??

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  1. This design of your chaise lounge cushions is cool in the eyes and renders relax feeling with its green color.