Tuesday, February 26, 2013

3 layers deep

Cute Mary had a wing back chair that was in much need of some love! When she brought it to me it already had a slipcover on it. It was worn out and stapled to the bottom of the chair! So we freshened it up with a new slipcover. I changed the lines from the old slipcover to one that follows the original lines of the chair. Definitely more traditional. So here is layer 1...the original chair

Layer 2..
This is how the chair arrived...The fabric for her new slipcover was a neutral cotton velvet. It was great to work with, minus the mess when you cut it!! It had a nice stretch to it that allowed me to get the cover nice and tight and hug the chair in all the right places! Every time I work with this fabric I always think of George Costanza wanting to be draped in velvet! LOL Hey, can you really blame the guy? Anyways, i changed the lines a little bit to match the original chair. I finished it off with velcro on the bottom to keep it from shifting around. What do you think??

It turned out great!!! Nice and soft and crisp!

I am finishing up a few things this week before my hubby and I head out on a Cruise... I am not gonna lie. After hearing about the cruse ship that was stranded at sea I may be packing a pair of galoshes and baby wipes...

On another note I have some pretty great pillow covers up in my easy shop!

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