Friday, February 15, 2013

I love it when clients contact me when they are ready to go! Linda called me up wanting 6 cushions made for her dining room chairs and a slipcover for another. When she showed up she had had a picture she had ripped out of a magazine with exactly what she wanted her chair to look like. I love it!! It makes my job easier when clients know exactly what they want! Her cushions for her chairs were fun. Instead of doing the standard foam cushion for her chairs, we did down pillow inserts. Super soft and comfy on the bum! So I just added some ties in the seam and boom! Instant cushion.

I love the idea soo much that i think I may make some for my dining table. That no one EVER sits at cause we are lazy and eat at the island! Maybe I should try to class it up a little bit around here...

here is her inspiration she brought me for her chair. I love the spool chair in the picture, but I think hers is actually cuter and more feminine!

now don't get me wrong, that chair in the picture is darling!! But Linda's chair has some pretty great legs on it and the shape is just classy!

She did not have fabric for her chair, but she knew she wanted white. Well lucky for her I had some White Bull Denim lying around! So thats what we used! I love how it washes up and it gives it a more relaxed feel to the slipcover, yet it hugs the chair in all the right places! I think it turned out pretty great!

I love it!!

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