Monday, August 20, 2012

It's alive!!

Its great to have LU back in action! I have to give some major props to A1- Vacuum and Sewing in Orem! Not only are they the sweetest people on earth, but they got poor LU all fixed and ready to work with out me spending and arm and a leg and another arm...THANK YOU!! SO, now that I am back on track I am slammed!! Which is great, I love me a good routine! So lets start off with these 2 wing back recliners.. Here is the "before", so bare with me. One is in the garage and one is in the basement, and I forgot to get a good before pic before I took them apart and they are heavy!!
So, after having to wait a good week to tackle them, I was finally able to work out the process in my head and put the slipcover together. It took me a bit to think on it, but I really like how they came together, and the slipcovers still allow the chair to do its duty...recline!
Sure there were times I wanted to pull my hair out trying to figure out the best way to make it, but in the end it all came together! On a side note, i love it when my clients send me picture of their projects when they get them home! Remember this awesome little number? Well she sent me pics of the chair before she had it reupholstered in muslin to then be slipcovered. this is how she was:
and here it is slipcovered in a awesome white linen at home!
I LOVE this transformation! So now that the "sweat shop" is back in full swing, I've got 6 chairs, a few ottomans, a couch and some pillows to get cracking on! All this has to be done by Sept 1st cause the hubby and I are headed to Powell with NO kids and great company for a whole week!

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