Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Retro rad!

If you know me at all you know i love a good deal! So of course I am a little excited when my clients bring me awesome finds to recover. Check this ditty out! She scored 2 of these super orange, yet retro rad chairs off of ksl for basically free.
I mean... seriously? How fantastic!! Love them to bits! Now to make matters even better, she wanted them slipcovered in white denim. She found it on fabric.com, and pre washed it. (her detergent smells quite lovely too) I loved this fabric! I am tempted to get some for myself and possibly dye it...hmmm. Anyways, it was a gem to work with and is super soft! we did a 3" knife pleat skirt. I got to use my new tools, the perfect pleater!! I have been doing pleats by hand for the past few years and i feel that i have done my time. These things cut my time prep time down to nothing!! Oh how I love them! I may just start pleating things around the house because i can...
I am sad to let these go! I want them for me!!! Next up, a semi redo on these leather chairs.
She just moved into a new house and needed a change in fabric..., so thats what we did, changed put he fabric to bring the chairs into this century. Its amazing how a little thing like changing out the fabric can give the chairs a whole new look!
Don't they look so much brighter?! or maybe that because the garage doors were open for the after picture... either way, you have to agree that this fabric is so much better! and comfy too! I just had my last client for the week drop off 2 chairs with super amazing fabric! I can't wait to show you these! and then its off to Powell for a whole week of fun!!! The countdown has begun...

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