Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lighten Up!!

I love Love LOVE this client of mine! She was a dream to work with and super awesome too! Not to mention, she has the cutest little boy EVER!! He gave me hugs the second I walked in the door. She contacted me back in may to slipcover her sectional in her basement. She wanted a lighter look but did not want to spend major $ on the fabric.. Love Her! So we went with drop cloth. I can't tell you enough how great this option is! It is a great alternative to duck cloth or canvas, its super durable and looks great with just about anything. i think this particular sectional took about 7-8 drop cloths total and 100 yards of welting! I got it done from start to finish in a week. (id like to pat myself on the back for that..) Anyways, her sectional before had a light green denim slipcover on it already, but they just needed a fresher look. We got rid of the box skirt and tightened up the cushions. Before:
Her walls are green and her carpet is neutral so the couch just kind of blends in... But not anymore!! AFter:
Ahh...So refreshing! I don't think there is anything better than a nice new, clean and fresh slipcover to lighten a room right up! Never mind the feathers on the floor... thats what happens when you have to remove 11 down filled cushions... Thanks goodness it was her cleaning day. I swear every time I came to either pin or fit her couch, I've left her a mess of feathers! On another note, me and a few of my neighbors are gonna be having a super awesome garage sale next saturday. I will have baby clothes, baby crap galore, fabric, furniture, toys, home decode, christmas decor, furniture and pretty much other stuff that has been following us around for 10 years! Ill post details as it gets closer! Until then, peace out peeps!

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