Friday, August 10, 2012

Its all in black and white...

So I had 3 reupholstery jobs to tackle this week and wouldn't you know both clients picked black and white geometric prints! First up...This totally awesome office chair that has clearly seen better days...
Sure the blue is horrendously stained...but look at that frame!!! My clients' sister is super jealous, because this lovely thing once belonged to her... and she should be.. check it out now!
Next up.. Mimi!! Oh how I love me some Mimi! You see, Mimi and I go way back! We used to roam around the foothills of Draper on horseback back in the day! We tore that mountain up, until they developed it... Boo!! I still have awesome memories from those summers! Anyways, she scored some pretty awesome chairs from her grandmother. Sure they were old, but hey, thats the stuff I love! So here is the lovely cross stitch pattern they came with...
I love the fabric choice! and I love how one chair is slightly smaller than the other... its like a gentleman and lady chair. Lol! Anyways, these things were OLD!!! so I freshened up the "guts" and made them beautiful again! I guess you can always put the old cross stitch in a frame... right?
So great! Right?! She loved them! So what's next you ask? Well I have 2 wing back recliners to get to, but they must wait! Because we are having a SUPER FANTASTIC and AWESOME YARD SALE TOMORROW!!! I am getting rid of TONS of baby and kids clothes, toys, gear, fabric, home decor, furniture and treasures! So you better stop by! it a street thing, so my fantastic neighbors will have stuff to sell too! The street is 1920 W in orem and about 600 S, just north of the Sleepy Ridge Golf Course Club House. So I hope to see you there at 8 am!

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  1. As Mimi's sister, who was originally supposed to get those chairs but changed my mind because they were UGLY, I have to say I'm jealous! They turned out great! You do amazing work!