Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to normal!

So the wedding was a huge success and the happy couple is now off in Mexico enjoying their honeymoon! I have to say the grey couch was a hit!! I rented it out the week before the wedding for an event at Thanksgiving Point. Here is a pic. the designer sat on the couch that evening while meeting fans. they loved the couch too!

We used it for the reception over the weekend too. Missy wanted me to make 4 pillows that would spell out "LOVE" to put on the couch. It looked so good! Once their wedding pictures are posted I will put them up. Now that its over, its on to the next so that means that the Grey Linen Couch is FOR SALE!! I am asking $1400. Spread the word! You can email me if you would like to come and see it.

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