Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pretty in Pleats

So this couch is gonna blow your mind! Not only is the shape super darling but my client got this couch from ksl for $20!! and to top it off, she found her fabric at Walmart for...wait for it.... $1 a yard!!! So what did she do? She bought the whole bolt for $20!!! I really liked her fabric. It has some stretch and sheen to it. Once I washed it, it lost some of the sheen and gave it more of a linen look. I did a 3" knife pleat on the skirt. I really loved how it turned out!!

It is a simple camel back that was in pretty good condition....for ksl.


  1. Thanks so much Katie...I absolutely love how this turned out! You are very talented and a wonderful person too! I will bring you more stuff soon, thanks again on a great job!:)
    Couldn't be happier!