Monday, August 29, 2011

Floral couch and tree chairs

So remember this couch that I did a while back???


Well I sold it last week! This darling couple came by to look at it. They just bought a new house and were in need of new furniture. Once they saw the couch they instantly fell in love with it!! As they were leaving they saw my "lovely" tree chairs I bought a while back. Remember...

Well they had to have them! They loved how the lines of the chairs matched the couch and it turned out that the fabric I had bought to slip them in matched perfectly with the couch. All we did was change out the fabric I was going to use for the piping. We used a light green grey cotton that looks like linen and then piped it out in the fabric I slipped the sofa in. They turned out great!

They bought the couch and chairs on a Saturday and i had to get them done by the following Tuesday night! I was leaving for Powell on wednesday afternoon with the kiddos so i had to get them done before we left. Never mind that these pictures were taken at 1 o'clock in the morning in my to love the 7 am pick up!! They are going to email me a picture of their family room once it is all put together!

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