Sunday, July 31, 2011

Button. Button. Who's Got The Button....

Remember this lovely POS????

When I brought this nasty couch home in February I knew just what I was gonna do do it.... It sat and sat in the basement and in May (I think it was May, its been way to long...) I finally got around to stripping it to this point: **side note: don't the cushions kind of look like butt cracks??...they are fugly for sure!!

All i can say is there should be a law that says you HAVE to clean out the dark crevasses of your couch at least 2 times a year!! I stripped this sucker down with a mask and thick gloves and it was SCARY!! Any who, when I got back from Family Mania last week I went to town on it. I was sick of it staring at me in the dungeon every time I went down there! Plus, my brother's wedding is in 13 days and they are using it for display, so ya, i had to get my butt in gear! Well 56 buttons later here it is, my back may be a "little" sore from the awkward positions i had to be in to get it done, but man oh man do I LOVE how it turned out! I painted all the exposed wood with a white lacquer finish and reupholstered it with i really soft/light grey linen with white buttons for a pop. I sewed the 3 existing cushions together to make one big long cushion and wrapped it in batting to even it out. Please forgive the weird lighting, I will post more pics of it after the wedding...

This lovely little number will be available for sale after Aug 13th. Text or email me with any questions! and stay tuned for some fun client before/afters later this week!


  1. I LOVE it Katie. Your hard work paid off. I love the white and grey!

  2. i'm a total stranger, but just found this and love it. so pretty!

  3. Did you also remove the fabric completely and then recover or recover over existing fabric. It is beautiful..I just added your blog to my favorites!

  4. Saw you over at Better After. I'm stunned! This looks GORGEOUS!!

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