Thursday, July 14, 2011

Step Down Sale!!!

ATTENTION!!!!! To my 3 very dedicated followers and "Looky Lue's" ( don't be ashamed, I am a fantastic "Looky Lue" as well...)The Design Company will be starting their "Step Down" sale on MONDAY!!!! What this means is fabric will be marked down to $9 yd next week, then $7 yd the following week, then to $5 yd the week after and then to $3 yd. If you have been wanting to get something slipcovered or pillows, drapes, bedding ,etc...this is the chance to score some great fabric for half the cost! If you need help figuring out yardage, text or email me a pic of your piece with dimensions (cushion & pillow dimensions, and the dimensions of the actual piece of furniture). I still have a few spots open in my schedule so don't sit on your duff too long because I did last year and missed out on some good stuff!

On another note... i put together a quilt for my soon to be sisetr-in-law and it just came back from the quilters!! My good friend is an amazing quilter and she did an awesome job on her quilt! I am horrible at quilts!! Sure its just putting pieces of fabric together...or so you would think! there is soo much tedious work and time that goes into those things, so don't look to close....

yes...i am fully aware of the horrible lighting...

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  1. so I have just run across your blog and have fallen in love with all of your fabulous furniture rehab, it is all so beautiful! Maybe someday I can hone my skills... and give furniture new life! As of now - not so close. :) Have a fabulous week!