Monday, July 4, 2011

Rockin Rocking Chair

This rocking chair belongs to a repeat client of mine. She scored this rocking chair on ksl. This rocking chair is truly one of a kind! She originally wanted to redo it in pink and put it in her daughter's bedroom. But after letting it hang out in the family room for a bit she decided it was way to comfortable to go there. so she decided to paint it up all nice in white and use it in her family room. the wood detail on this chair is awesome!! it totally reminds me of an Aerosmith album cover! Do you see the similarities???

Now for the finished product....

Pure awesomeness is all I can say! I cant tell you how many people have asked me if they could buy this chair from me! Good work Staci!!!


  1. It totally looks like the Aerosmith album cover. I guess the undercover rocker in me is coming out in my furniture selections. You did a great job, can't wait to pick it up!