Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Plaid to Fab

This chair came from a gal that contacted me to do some work for her, once she found the right furniture. But until that perfect piece comes along, I did a slipcover for her mom. she wanted to keep the skirt the same so that it would go with her couch. The color scheme is right on from the plaid, but just plain different! She also had a few pillows that need some updating so we threw them in the mix as well. enjoy!


On a different, yet same kind of note...I got my grubby little hands and some FREE furniture that will be slipped and put up for sale! Since the furniture was free I am passing the savings on to you so they will be a great price!! So mull that over and check back in the next few days. I am seeing an "oatmeal" linen in these chairs and couches's future....


  1. You are AMAZING!! My mom is going to love it!!! See you soon! :)

  2. I just found you on Easy Peasy Chic....you do beautiful work and how do you do it without the actual furniture? I have lots of things that need to be slipcovered.
    Marianne :)