Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My "nerds" new rooms

So I finally finished the kids new rooms in the basement! it was a task but they are done! My husband thought I was nuts for painting over our newly painted walls, but hey...I was not sure on a color scheme for each room when were painting the first time. Plus, I dont know what he was complaining about. Its not like he had to paint them.... The kids told me what color rooms they wanted and then I took it from there! I made both headboards, curtains and bedding! I got all my fabrics from Home Fabrics and rug in Orem. I found some pretty awesome stuff! I found their dressers on ksl and had them painted. I did not want to screw that up!! I put a red/pink and cream ticking stripe fabric up on the wall opposite of Oakley's bed. I still need to get a few things up on the walls. But for now, I can relax!

Lakers room

yes, bubs really sleeps at the foot of Lakers bed. He is such a good dog!

Oakley's room

I am getting excited about the class I am teaching thursday night at the Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club! Its going to be a lot of fun and hopefully I can teach them a few new things too.

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  1. Holy moly Katie - you have been busy! Looks awesome!!