Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Man she is a strong one!

Cute Susie was referred to me by one of my super awesome clients. Cute Susie lives in Idaho. Cute Susie has a super cute 86 yr old father that came and dropped off her fabric. We chatted for a good hour. He is my new favorite person! So Susie has 6 of the Ikea barstools that have slipcovers. Lets face it, Ikea has great bones, but with a little creativity, Ikeas' stuff can be spectacular! I normally need the item I am slipcovering to make the fitted cover, but in this case it just so happened that I was in the market for 4 new bar stools. Big Red ( my tinny 3.5 year old red headed daughter) has managed to single handedly break 3 of the 4 bar stools we are currently using. Man she is a strong one! And yes...I am still using them! I am not sure how a tinny little person can do that 3 times in a row... but alas. she did. So, this gave me the excuse to finally buy some new ones that I can put my own flare on! Susie has 6 barstools, but you will be seeing 4...


i am in LOVe with this print! She got in from this awesome little shop in South Carolina while on a girls trip. I am jonesin for some!! I love how they look! I can't wait to get going on mine. P.s. I realize that the quality of my pictures are horrid! It will be my goal for next year to provide you with legit pics, but until then, all i have time for is the point and click. compliments of my iPhone. Look for another post later this week! I am tempted to do a contest for my followers (all 46 of you), so your thoughts on what you'd like to win would be much appreciated! who knows... it could be something super fantastic!!


  1. these turned out amazing!!! you are seriously SO good!

  2. Totally do a contest, 'cause I wanna win! I posted a comment on your blog months ago saying that I had bought a settee that I was going to attempt to slipcover. Well, it only took a hundred years...but I finished it a couple days ago! Yee haw! Now, let's not kid ourselves; this was my first attempt (well, second attempt, I guess; I did an ottoman first to practice), so it's not beautiful by any means...but it's done! So thanks for inspiring me. :) I'd still rather have someone else do the work, however -- so better get on that giveaway!

  3. I have two areas in my home that need window seat cushions. What a great giveaway that would be. :)