Friday, September 14, 2012

Reality Check...

Well, I am sad to report I am home from the greatest place on earth...Lake Powell. Yes I was gone for a FULL week with the hubby and our super great friends on a super sweet house boat. Did i mention there was NO kids... Ah... While I was happy to see those smiling faces, I dread coming home from that trip! I have to wear "normal" cloths...heaven forbid I grocery shop in my swim suit... tend to my motherly responsibilities and function is society...BOO!!!! But I am back in the swing of things and my sweat shop is working overtime! I just finished this couch for one of my designer clients. This was for one of his clients, and I loved hanging out with her while I fitted her couch. She moved her with her husband from PA to be closer to family. When I asked her how she had liked it, she replied "I hate it! we'd like to be back in Florida. We enjoy an nice cocktail..." LOL! I love this woman!! She was soo nice and I just enjoyed chatting with her while I worked. She has a super darling house that is put together really well. She had this big red couch that followed her from PA and it just was not gelling with her darling house. It was LOUD! Before:
So with the designers help they picked this beautiful fabric that actually resembled her grass cloth wallpaper. One was drapery fabric. It was too light for a slipcover and it had movement to it. So I had to line the sucker up! We did a simple box skirt. Its amazing what a change in fabric can do do a loud piece of furniture. Now the couch does not scream at you when you walk in the door. Now it welcomes you in, a lot like Connie! After:
Love it!! Just a quick blurb... I am pretty much booked solid till January!!! Yay!! but I may still be able to fit 1 or 2 more clients in between now and december... so let me know asap if you are jonesing to get something done before the holidays. I can't tell you how much I appreciate my clients, they are truly awesome!

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