Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Drop-cloth...

I finished up this chair last friday so that I can have a good three weeks to bust out 3 chairs for Bijou and a couch for a client. Please pray for me! Anyways, this chair belonged to a dream client! She texted me a about a month or two ago with a chair she wanted slipcovered. Well she contacted me last week with her chair and fabric ready to go. She grabbed 2 9x12 drop-cloths, washed them and brought everything by on Wednesday. She called thursday and wondered if she could add a cushion for a window seat and of course I said yes! So she ran the foam and fabric by the same day and boom! Her chair and cushion were done friday, ready for a saturday pick up! Her husband came with her to grab the chair. Apparently he was giving her a hard time about using a painter's drop-cloth to slipcover a chair. Well I think we changed his mind when he saw it! They loved it! Here is the before and after!


I Just kept to the same lines of the chair and did a box skirt. It turned out great! She also had me make a cushion for a window seat. Once I get a pic of it from her I will post it.

Also...I just wanted to give you a little teaser... This is just a little snip of what you can expect to see at BIjou!

Peace out!

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  1. Looks really good, and I love the yellow fabric in your sneek peak. This might be a dumb question but...LOL, I am pretty new to sewing. If I was going to make a pillow (stencilled pillow cover?) using drop cloth as my fabric,would I need to have a special needle in my sewing machine? Or use a specific stitch?
    thanks so much!