Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Bijou time!!!

Good morning!!! So Bijou Market in Provo starts today! (116 W Center Street in Provo) Its gonna be great! Here is what you can expect from me...

It was all on the fly and it turned out awesome!! I have 2 chairs and a few yummy pillows that i am selling so grab you girlfriends and check it out!!! Here are a few close ups of the chairs, I LOVE THEM!!!


I painted the legs and attached velcro to give it a snug fit. Here is the ther chair with ottoman, i forgot to take a picture of it before, but trust me, you are not missing anything. It was a lovely teal with dark legs, so yes, I painted them and tadah!
I love the legs on the ottoman and it was the whole reason why I bought the chair inthe first place. I could not be happier with the 2 chairs and 10 pilllows that I busted out!

Side note...I still have 3 openings in December and possible 1 more in November. I may be able to squeeze one more for this month.


  1. Aunt Katie, you are seriously my hero! You're stuff absolutely rocks. I hope the market selling goes great!

  2. Well if you are in town for the holidays with the fam we need to see what we can do....

  3. How do I get a pillow made out of that cute yellow bird fabric?? I must have one