Thursday, September 5, 2013

Union Jack 2

So in the last post my client wanted a a few wing chairs that were done out of drop cloth so she could paint the Union Jack in the inside back. Well she dropped off this when she came for the finished one!

It was pretty close in shape to the one i just finished for her only it has different arms...the arm fronts recess back a little bit. It turned out pretty cute! She had me make some pillows as well to go with her chairs. Its crazy how great a painters drop cloth can look!

The drop cloth as became a hit again! I have another client who will be doing a pair of wing chairs in drop cloth only I convinced her to do a fun skirt! Stay tuned...

I also worked on a fun duvet with matching pillows and drapes last week too. Pics will come as soon as I drop off the goods! Today I am working on 2 cool little low arm chairs that will be covered in this fabulousness:

You can thank Schumacher for creating the Chiang Mai Dragon, but you may want to punch them in the throat for how much the price is per yard... seriously! we are talking $150+ A YARD. I said a small prayer before I started cutting...Just to be safe! These will be picked up saturday because me and the husband are headed to our annual Couples Lake Powell trip (could not come fast enough..) so check back saturday! or maybe tomorrow if you are lucky!

I have 1 opening left this month, so hit me up if you want to turn your "loved and tired" looking furniture into something fabulous!!

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