Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Jack" of all trades

Remember when "painters drop cloths" were hot?! They're back!!! They are a great alternative to your typical fabric. They are super durable (its made to catch paint for heavens sakes!)and super cheap!! I forgot how much I love working with them, especially when they are freshly washed... Can you smell the clean laundry now??? It makes the fitting process soo much better. I feel like I am in a laundry detergent commercial and I am the guy sniffing the towels... anyways.. Its pretty great.

My client contacted me and had an idea... she asked me if I could slipcover several wing chairs in a durable fabric because she is wanting paint the good ol' Union Jack on the back rest. um...YA!!! She is in the middle of collecting these wing chairs and lucky for her, I had this! (remember how I am a procrastinator with my own stuff...)

So I grabbed some drop cloths, washed them and got to work! I am soo happy that "little blue" found a home!

I absolutely love the shape and size of this wing back chair, hence the reason why I bought it.. Its the perfect size! She did not want a skirt, she wanted a very tailored look so I finished off the bottom with piping. I cant wait to see how it turns out with the Union Jack! She is picking it up today and swapping it out with more. Love it!

I still have 2 spots open in September. Contact me to get on the list!

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