Saturday, September 7, 2013

2 dragons....

have you seen Starsky and Hutch? if so... this makes perfect sense!

Great movie!! this moment between Will Ferrell and Owen Wilson kept playing thru my head while on worked on these 2 awesome chairs! You may be asking yourself "why?" or "this girl is nuts!" but stay with me! there is a reason. You see my client has been waiting and waiting to find the perfect fabric to cover her 2 chairs. after months of waiting, back order and changes she came up with the coolest fabric ever!! Schumacher's Chiang Mai Dragon Now this fabric is no joke and at the price it is per yard, I was shaking in my boots a little before I started cutting it! She ordered it from the UK and totally worth it if you ask me!! Here are her chairs before they became super fantastic:

They were in great shape and had fun modern lines. i had to take my time with this one because of the fabric.. It was a really nice linen, but linen moves a little when you work with it. So I had to whisper sweet nothings to it to make it cooperate! we are taking "2 dragons" here! But it was all worth it cause check them out now!!!

I am soo in love with how they turned out!! I was able to get the dragon on each cushion as well as the bigger parts of the chair. She was beyond thrilled with how they turned out! and they look great in her house too! I was also able to squeak out 4 24"x24" pillows as well.

I used up every last bit of her fabric! Dragons Rock! Now how to keep people from sitting on those chairs $$$!

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