Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jealous much???

Um...I am EXTREAMLY jealous of how my cute clients chairs turned out! I secretly hoped she hated them so I could buy them from her... No such luck! Turns out, she loved them as much as I did! My client started with just 1 chair and ottoman. She was hunting for a matching set, a couch and the perfect fabric. Well people.. She struck gold, but not with out a minor set back. You see, she found the exact same chair and ottoman along with the matching couch to her yellow floral chair and ottoman. one problem. it was on ksl. She called up the guy, agreed on a price and figured that was that. Wrong! When she went to pick up the chair, ottoman and couch he told her that he wanted double for all of it. What a D*#@$H (thats my opinion). So she took the chair and ditched the couch. But hey, she got a matching pair and the most amazing fabric ever!! So win win! Here is the "lovely" duo before...

United together at last! Same chairs, different fabric. I am sure all of you have sat on one of these bad boys a few time is your life. heck, you may be sitting on one right now. Sure they are comfy, but lets be honest, the fabric selection with these chairs is sub-par...But, with a little nerd love these babies can be quite spectacular! My client said her home has a more country vibe to it (but not the kind that has furniture upholstered in "farm-scapes".. you know exactly what I am saying here..) but more of a chic country.. Her fabric she pick is by far one of my favorites. hands down!! I don't know what it is about the modern floral but I love them! Especially the ones with bold pops of color. We kept the lines the same with a box skirt and box cushions. I lined the skirt to give it shape and weight. And so it would hang better. Drum roll please....

i am dying over how great they look! The fabric was amazing to work with and is so soft and comfy! I am now trying to think how I can incorporate this into my house...I know I can figure something out..I just love the bold pops of blue and pink. This fabric really has some great colors to pull out of a create a color scheme around. in my opinion..she nailed it!!!

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