Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Is it legal??

According to fashion police it is totally legal to wear white now. You know.. because it was just Memorial Day.. And dont you worry, i kicked off Memorial Day wearing my crisp white shorts to the golf course! It was my first time out since last year and I must say...i was quite impressed with myself! Even my little redhead was driving the ball off the t! I mean as far as a 4 year old can. What can I say, we are good at the "lesbian" sports. No offense to the lesbians.. And speaking of my little redhead, today she turned 4!! Where has the time gone??? She cracks me up daily.

She is a sassy one and I would not have her any other way!! She was a good sport today and came with me to drop off a slipcover, run a few errands, go to lunch and get a smoothie. She loved spending time with just ME! So fun.

My client had this great couch that was made for slipcovers, but her previous cover was falling apart. When I showed up to pick up her fabric she was not sure about what she ordered...she was going for a white comfy vibe and the fabric that came was a glorified muslin... Lucky for her i have done a million white slipcovers and sent her down to Orem to see the gals at Home Fabrics. They hooked her up with a great white twill fabric that was perfect for the look she was going for! Like I said...It must be Memorial Day!! I swear all I have been doing lately is white! and don't you worry, I have a great little chair in the garage that is about to get a white makeover this weekend... But hey, its a great fabric and white always looks amazing! Here is her couch before:

We kept the lines of the couch the same. I really do love this white fabric! It washes up soo well and is super durable. Great for a house full of kids...because, if it gets dirty, just throw that bad boy in the wash! Plus it lightens up any room..

My client LOVED the results! She was happy she ditched the fabric she originally ordered and went with the white!!

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