Friday, July 6, 2012

Ruffle Shuffle

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I know I did! And my sewing machines did too... Well let me tell you about this client that dropped off a settee to me a week or so ago.. She scored this RC Willey special on ksl for pennies! Sure the fabric is just horrendous (sorry to those of you that like that stuff..) but she had the vision. White linen slipcover with a long ruffle skirt. Just like the Restoration Hardware and Ballard Design catalogs, only about $1000 cheaper! I had to line the the ugly ducking because the fabric was just so loud! Before:
Now what I did not tell you was that her fabric came in 2 waves.. the store was out of white linen so we had to wait to put the skirt on till it came in. Well wouldn't you know that fabric came in this week and she decided to bring it over to me last night in her cute little "motorcycle/trike/car". It looked way fun to ride in, letting the wind blew thru your hair! Well the second she stepped into my house a typhoon decided to let loose! If you are in Utah County, you know what I am talking about... It poured for a good 10 minutes, horizontally! But she got the fabric delivered and here is the results! After:
It looks great!! I love all things linen, especially white linen... I am sure no one will be allowed to sit in that settee unless they are fresh out of the shower! Tuesday my mom came down to get a taste of what it is like to work in the "sweat shop". She had a few chairs for her office that were in need of LOTS of TLC... I mean, how can these be inviting...especially when you are the retail manager and buyer of the Emporium at Thanksgiving Point,
See what I mean...this has disgrace written all over it! We she had 4 of them! She she came over, rummaged thru my scraps and this is what we came up with! Keep in mind, this was her first attempt at slipcovers. She did great and Mo and Lou (my machines) took real good care of her! With my help of course..
So much more appropriate! There is one more to go along with the group but you won't see it till a later day...because its that kind of day today. I am now going to attempt to finish 2 more chairs before my procrastination gets the best of me...

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  1. Love the ruffle look. Your before and afters are always exciting to see.
    Thank you for recommending me to Amanda, she is such a cute mom and her kids are great. Hope to see you at the pool again, you'll have to check out my homemade maternity suit ha ha, no ruffles but it does have pleats.