Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to Lose 5 Pounds in 2 Days...

Your probably wondering what my title has to do with sewing....Well its not a"magic" diet or work out plan at all. Its called "reupholstering 2 heavy as crap chairs in my west facing garage in what i sewar is 110 degree heat" work out plan! I worked on these babies over the weekend in the grarage, but because of the heat, I could only work out there early in the morning or late at night. And even then it was hot as hell!! But so worth it! sure I took like 3 showers a day to get thru it... I really think I shed 5 pounds just from sweating!! It gives a whole new meaning to "sweat shop" for me. Ha! Anyways, Without further are the the little "big" devils tht made me work hard for the money!! Before, they were upholsted in a black leather with nail head trim. I think i removed about 2000 nail heads from the two chairs!
She wanted to give these guys a more feminine look...what do you think?
Pretty great! Right?! I really love how the dark wood looks with the color combo of this fabric! It really softens them up and gives them some much needed pizaz!! I am now booking for September! so get your spot now before i raise my prices!!

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  1. It's a win win! 2 very handsome chairs, loosing weight, and probably gaining some muscle mass from wrestling with those bad boys! Beautiful work Katie :)