Saturday, July 14, 2012


I've decided that my next house needs to have a fabulous patio or pool for my lounge needs... Who doesn't want to lay around reading important books? (um... Not me... My lounge guests...). So until then, I'll help others make their lounge areas fabulous! Here are Trudy's very sad and very flat lounge cushions.
As you can see, They received a much needed face lift!! I love how the piping pulls out the little bits of green in the fabric! I wrapped them all in batting to give them more loft and more comfort! They are now ready for endless amounts of lounging!! My next client dropped off this small winged settee on tusday. She brought 2 different fabrics with her incase the the fabric she did not have enough of the fabric she really wanted to use. She had 6.5 yards in the dot... Yikes!!! So i crossed my fingers and measured everything out... Now because it was a floral print I was able to runs the fabric lengthwise to eliminate any seams. And with enough luck, we had exactly the right amount if fabric!!! Here is what it looked like before:
Now check it out!
We were able to stretch the fabric because she did not want any skirt! (thanks for that;). The fabric is really soft and was just grand to work with! I think I shocked her when I told her it was ready to pick up yesterday. I actualy started it the same day that I finished it... Lol!! Next week i am working on about 10 or so pillows for the fabulous Brian Clark! He is the interior designer on the blogger house for the SL Parade of Homes! they are doing some super funs things!! All i can say is the fabrics he gave me are awesome and youll never guess where a few of them came from...Home Fabrics!! i about died! First off, he is soo lucky to have scored them. And second, those that he got from Home Fabrics were $4.99 yrd! AMAZING!! i also will be working on reupholstering a set of very cool, and very old chairs. i cant wait to see how they turn out!

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