Saturday, February 11, 2012

Modern Farmhouse: Part 1

So my fabulous client is about 3 weeks away from moving into her newly constructed "modern farmhouse". She brought me, what I am calling, "load 1" a week ago. She had an ottoman, piano bench, a sweet settee she score on ksl , 18 pillows and a chair with those coveted Pottery Barn feet. I say load one because load 2 consist of a couch, 2 swivel rockers and 3 window seat cushions. Just to clarify... these pictures were taken in my catch all room while the basement is under construction. This is not a "modern farmhouse", although one can dream.... Anyways, lets begin.

Here is the ottoman, sure it is worn but it was in great shape, so we slipped it in a black and cream ticking stripe and did the piping out of what will be the fabric for the couch.
Before :


The Piano bench. My client is going to paint the legs black, so use your imagination... I added a small piece of foam on either side to box up the bench and make it even.


She found the settee on ksl for I think $15! Sure it was ugly.....

But check it out now!!! Bam!

I know, right?? AMAZING! She was not sure what to do for the skirt. Her chair and piano bench had box pleats, her couch and ottoman have box skirts, so I said, why not a knife pleat?? This piece is actually going in her master bedroom so She decided to do the knife pleat. She will be painting the legs a nice soft blue to go with the rest of the room. I love how it turned out!!!

Now for the chair! I love this chair and she did too! She was soo happy with the results! We gave it a box pleat skirt to doll it up. I think it did the trick. Never mind the garage...thats how I roll!

Even though it is warn, this chair is super soft and comfy. Now it lures you in and you won't want to leave!

I can't deny that I LOVE A GOOD TICKING STRIPE! I feel like you can never go wrong with the stripe.

And finally, she gave me a stack of random fabrics to make pillows for the master bedroom and other areas of the house. We ended up with 18 pillows in various sizes. So here is a glimpse of what we did. Her house is gonna rock!!

I will be busy working the "Part 2" for the next 2 weeks. I can't wait to see it all come together!

Side note: During all of this madness I managed to squeeze in a bench cushion for my new favorite person, Shelley!! I am sure you have heard of Shelley if you are a blog stalker like myself. anyways, she has been working on a redo in her home and needed a cushion made, so make it, i did! She bought a pillow from me during Bijou Market and loved it I am making her a cushion. Once she is able to do the big reveal I post a more "professional" picture, but till then, you get this.

i hope you all enjoy the rest of your saturday night! Peace!

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  1. I seriously adore the kick pleats! You do such perfect work, I'm so impressed!