Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Flash back!

So, I am in the middle of a ton of stuff right now. I promise to have pics to you this weekend! So in the meantime, here is a little ditty that I found on my old blog that to this day make me laugh soo hard! And gets my blood boiling too... Just a note...This was a few years back before I started doing what I do now. I had a simple sewing machine from Target, but was looking to upgrade....


My awesome friend carrie loves to sew and quilt and she told me there was a Bernina sewing machine just like hers on KLS for like $515 bucks, so of course i jumped on it. I sent the guy an email asking if he would take $400 cash. Now keep in mind, this is KSL,no one gets what they are asking, so of course you offer something that maybe they would consider. the guy emails me back and all it said was, "no thanks". So i left it like that. A few days later he has relisted the machine, same price. So i sent him another email. All i said was this, "I saw that you relisted your machine, would you still consider $400 in cash?". Here is his glorious response, keep in mind this is a dude.....

"You should stick with Brother or even a SewPro sewing machine, Walmart has a great deal on a SewPro sewing machine for under $40.00. Here's the link to that sewing machine for reference: Bernina sewing machines aren't really for people like you I think.


What an ASS!!!!!! there I said it, but i feel better venting to my blog and my awesome husband who had a few choice words for him! For all he knows i could have been a sweet old lady looking for a new machine. I mean my blood was boiling!!!!! hey, I am no expert at sewing, i taught myself....on a $150 Euro Pro, but i think i have graduated from my machine, we have had a glorious year together but i have learned all i can from her......i had a beautiful email written to just blast this jerk but i decided to take the high road, partly because i really need this machine, but still, the high road right????.......this was my respone:

"a simple "no thanks" would have done. If you still cant sell it at $515 I am willing to pay cash if you lower the price a bit. "

I cant wait for his response!

for those of you who read my post below, here is his response:
"Walmart carries several very nice Brother machines that are more in the price range you are looking for. Those are brand new also, not used, with a warranty too. Best of luck."

My response: (which, now that i think about it i should have just left it at his response, but still, what a jerk!!!!)

"no, good luck to you. I actually don't mind paying $500 for it, but you have to expect people to low ball you when you place things for sale on KSL. But the way you handled it was rude, so I am gonna take my cash and drop it in a store that sells your same used machine that has been serviced by professionals and know that I will be treated with respect. "

his response:

"I wouldn't have sold my Bernina sewing machine to you no matter what price you offered. You low balled too low and got treated like the cheapskate that you are. You just got a little taste of what you deserve and evidently didn't like it. Oh well, the truth hurts sometimes. Just admit that you're going to buy the SewPro for $40 from Walmart this weekend and sew away to your little heart's content making costumes for your pet dog or whatever silly crap that you have in mind to sew. "

(Ouch by the way!!!!! Do you think this guy is just mad at life or what????)

my final response:

"Thanks for the insight, i just hope you don't treat everyone that makes you an offer you don't like this way. Its just a price game, one you did not want to play, which is fine, but not everyone has thick skin. Good luck and its been interesting chatting with you."

his final response....

"I'm sure that you have very thick skin based on the limited correspondence that we've had. How thick is a hippo's skin btw? Your e-mail has been added to my spam blocker list. Good luck with your low ballin'."

Man i am gonna miss this guy! if anyone wants his email to pay their respects, let me know!!!!!

CRAZY!!! I'd love to send him an update on how my "little dog costumes" are coming along. Anyways, since I have no before and afters to show, I thought this would be it sort of is a before and after....right?

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