Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So I have been up to my ears in sewing cushions! i have had a few clients need cushions sewn for chairs and couches! i was able to squeak out 8 cushions in the past 2 days.. On top of pinning 2 couches and sewing those 4 cushions. Whew!! So here is the reveal...

The cushions on these 2 chairs were coming apart. The inserts them selves were great. Down filled and comfy!!! but the seams were coming apart. So we made some new ones with a great paisley fabric. before


Ill post a pic after she gets them home and in place.
Here are the other set of cushions I made..My client called because she had recovered her old couches and started the cushions....but thats where is ended.. after all that hard work she ran out of steam, and her husband did not like the combo of fabric she came up for the cushions. Dang those husbands...i dont give mine a choice! I give him options and then ask him his opinion. But i end up always going with mine in the end.. sorry honey!! so here is what she started with..

this is the after ish...

and the cushions after I redid them. She kept them solid instead of the damask on top...
They go great with the pillows she made for them!
I still have a few spots left this month, so get your act and fabric together and hit me up!!!

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