Friday, April 12, 2013

Pleats anyone??

What weighs 30 lbs, is all white and has 25 yards of 4" pleats??? These 2 slipcovers for this sleeper sofa!!! You think i am exaggerating?? No joke people! I have a super awesome client that wanted 2 slipcovers made for her FREE sleeper sofa she got from a family member. Remember cute Lindsay? Well she has had quite an "adventure" for lack of a better word since december. She emailed me wanting these slips made but needed to schedule her drop off around her chemo schedule. Say what??? Chemo? She and her family found out a few day before christmas that she had cancer. BOO!!

This subject hits close to home for me. My mom had the same fight about 5 years ago. I was pregnant with my daughter. I can still remember where I was and the conversation with my mom when she told us. She had breast cancer. Luckily she had a great team of doctors behind her. They treated her cancer super aggressive because even thou they classified it as breast cancer they could not really find the point of origin. I remember sitting at IMC with her during her chemo sessions. Trying not to go into a shock induced labor. All I can say is anyone who has to endure that is AMAZING!!! She had 8 rounds of chemo followed by 6 weeks of radiation. My mom is truly my hero. When she found out about the caner I remember what she said, like it was yesterday... "I don't have time for this!!" She never once had a "poor me" attitude. In fact she continued going to work thru it all!!! She had to go thru all of the treatments, lose her hair, have to take 40 pills a day during treatment, some for the cancer and some to counteract the many side effects of the chemo and still, deal with many other cancer "issues" and now, almost 5 years later still deal with the "aftermath" of cancer. She never once complained! She IS amazing! She has been in remission now for almost 5 years and is doing great!

So when Lindsay said "cancer", I knew what she and her family were in for. But Lindsay reminds me of my mom in a lot of ways. She is a fighter! She doesn't have time for cancer! Life doesn't just stop because you have caner. Heck, she has 5 kids a husband to take care of.. But she does have an awesome support team and that is all that is important! When she showed up to drop off her couch she looked amazing! I just love her! She is amazing and I know she is gonna kick this cancer in the butt!!

To finish off this post here is what Lindsay wanted.. 2 slipcovers for her free couch that will go in the "home teacher's" room! Love it!

She went with a white denim fabric that is super for slipcovers. She ordered and washed 40 yard!! Soo much fabric!! You better believe I used every last inch too! She wanted a box pleat skirt on both...thats 54 box pleats. per slipcover.. these slipcovers turned out great(x's 2)! I made the decking functional so that they did not have to remove the entire slipcover if they ever needed to use the "hide a bed".


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