Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Retro Amazingness

I just finished up a pair of some pretty cool retro chairs. I Love this style of chairs! They have great lines that complement so many different types of fabric, color and prints. You really can't go wrong, well unless you slipcover them in the exact same fabric that was originally put on them... Anyways. Here is a picture of the chair before:

Pretty cool, right? Well my client did not want any kind of skirt. Period! So I ripped that sucker of to find that is had some pretty great legs under there...I also popped off all the buttons along the back and arms. (geez..if you did not know any better you'd think I was undressing a woman...quite aggressively, actually. lol!) The tufting was not very deep and they would just be an annoyance. So they had to go! I loved the fabric my client had chosen. So fun, yet it seemed to keep with the "vintage" idea of the chairs. Here is what they look like now!

I really like how they turned out! Such a difference. I always am on the look out for chairs like this. I have a pair of swivel rockers that are BOMB! Maybe I am "old school", its cool, thats how i roll. But your really cant beat how sweet they look and how comfy they are!

I also wanted to share some finds that I got and had re-painted. Cause I aint about to do that one myself! I found a cool 7" dresser on craigs list for my son's new room (I am pretty sure this dresser was once in a room with my client's "retro" chairs) and a fun french dresser on ksl for my daughter's room. I also scored big on a cool chair and table combo a month ago (still figuring out what to do with the chair which I am most positive was in the room with my client's chairs!). The long dresser and table were a dark finish that was great, but boring and the french dresser had a worn buttery yellow finish to it. I had to change them up!! I did the dressers in white because it goes with everything and its easier to change out fabric than repainting when i get board of a color scheme.. and the table i did in a sage-ish green. Why not?? I forgot to snag before pics, so use your imagination.

They turned out better than I could have ever imagined!! Oak's dresser made it to her room and the table found a temporary home, but Laker's dresser is in the garage until I can bribe my brother or one of my husbands friends to help carry the beast down stairs...anyone???

Next up I am working on a fun little settee. Stay tuned! I still have some room in my schedule for February. So.. come on. Get going peeps!

Oh, one last note... UC Liquidators have about 12 of these babies!

The are super comfy and cheap and... you wont need a ton of fabric. So you can choose to save a buck or splurge on fabric. Your choice... Right now they are 2 for $35 but if you tell John I sent you, you may get an even better deal! Your Welcome.

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  1. Great work! I enjoy looking at the photos of your work. Are you self taught? How long before you were comfortable doing paid work for others?