Monday, January 23, 2012

I made it for my momma

A while back, like June (yikes!) my mom gave her mom a nice little recliner and in return my grandma gave her this. Scroll down past the horrific couch to the less horrific chair... Well, her birthday is next week so I thought I better get on it. Its only been waiting for some love for like...ever! I am a horrible daughter. She gets home tonight from being at Market all week in Dallas, so I thought I would surprise her with this!! Happy "early" Birthday Mom!!

I painted the legs and arms a nice cream color to go with the browns and creams in her bedroom. I also made her a few pillows from the trim fabric was well as the scraps. I have to say, it looks so much better!! I also made pillow covers for the "lounge" pillows she has in the basement. These pillows have been around FOREVER! I remember watching saturday morning cartoons on the big ones when I was little. They have been recovered a number of times, but this time they are decade appropriate... I had some extra drop cloth laying around so I put it to use. It will match the basement perfect! She just ordered and awesome sectional that AMAZING!

Side Note... I am pretty much booked for the month of February and will start scheduling for March. I do a small opening right now so let me know if you are ready to rock and roll!

Side Note. again... I have a few pillows in my Etsy Shop. I will be adding things like pillows, drapery, bedding and furniture in my down time. Peace Out! For real this time...

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  1. I want that birthday chair, I love it! Great job once again! I'm jealous your Mom got to go to Market in Dallas!