Sunday, October 16, 2011

Am I seeing double??

So I have been slaving away in the "dungeon" for the past week in a half cranking slipcovers out left and right! It all started last wednesday... I got a call from Kim, a cute gal who had a few chairs she wanted me to look at to see about getting slipcovered. When I arrived at her house she had 6 chairs! A set of 4 chairs and another set of 2. She wanted 2 of the 4 slipcovered in a fabric that she already had. A raised velvet, but she only had 10 yards. So to make it work she decided on using a different cording for the piping. She wanted to hold off on the remaining 2 for the time being. As for the pair of chairs, she decided to do the drop-cloth look. They were going in her bedroom and she loved the way that this chair turned out! So we stuffed my jeep with one of each chair, a bolt of fabric and 1 child... About 4 days later she called and said that she wanted to do the remaining 2 of the 4 chairs in the drop-cloth as well, while I had the chair. So here we are, a week and a half later with 6 slipcovers!

Set of 4 before:

Set of 4 with velvet slipcover after:

Set of 4 with drop-cloth slipcover:

Pair of chairs before:

Pair of chairs after with drop-cloth slipcover:

I hope that all makes sense! Now you know why I feel that I am seeing! I am delivering them to their home tomorrow so I will snap some pics of them in their proper placings. Now I need to shut my eyes for a while....

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