Monday, February 7, 2011

In the works

So I have a little "down time" if thats what you want to call it, while I am waiting for a few clients to pick out fabric. I have a few projects that I have kept on the back burner for just the occasion! My mom is the Retail Manager/Buyer for Thanksgiving Point's Emporium and she goes to all the fun markets. On her recent trip to Dallas she picked up some super cute plain shirts for toddlers. Forgive the phone pics...and the insulation!

So obviously they came from china but i have to laugh because these shirts are 2 different sizes, 3 months and 6 months. My 21 month old daughter can fit in the 3 month shirt with no problem! I guess she only weighs 22 lbs soaking wet, but still. So once I finish up all of these, they will go up in my esty shop. I will keep ya posted!

I picked up an horrid, HORRID chair at Savers a while back. This thing was so nasty that I was afraid to touch it. Is just a club chair but it has mucho potential!!! Did I mention it may or may not have a gram of cocaine lingering on the wood frame??? I mean, who really knows what that white powdery substance is, but......I am just saying!!! I have not quit decided how to refinish it. I am thinking bold and bright. I am waiting for the right fabric to hit me in the face!

A lovely chaise lounge. When I say lovely, I am talking about orange marmalade flower parade! She is goona be either a complete gut job or a fancy cover. I am not goona lie. I have just seen pictures of it, but my husband is picking her up today and I cant wait to see what she's got to offer!

Oh, how could I forget about this one...I have had a quilt sitting in my sweat shop that I put together LAST October and tonight, yes, tonight I think it will be finished. My awesome and great friend Carrie has a quilting machine, we call her "Camille" . My neglected quilt will finally get some TLC from Camille. I just hope she is gentle!!

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