Friday, February 4, 2011

The Elusive Wing Back Chair

So naturally I ordered too much fabric for my couch....Better safe than sorry! I was itching to start a new project. I thought to myself, lets do a chair. Nay, a wing back chair! I found myself thee most hideous chair I could find. I believe I spent a whopping $25 the the nasty thing. I painted her legs and slip covered her up with my remaining fabric and wouldn't you know it. She was a pretty little thing after all! Oh, I forgot to mention... Wing back chairs are a real pain in the @$$!!! Why do I chooses the hardest things to start on...A monster sectional and now a wing back chair...I don't think I will ever learn!



**Again...sorry for the phone photos...


  1. Amazing! You've lined up your pattern and everything. Very professional.

  2. Holy cow Katie!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that chair! You did an amazing job!!!! SERIOUSLY AMAZING!! I love this new blog! So glad you started it :)

  3. Katie are you kidding. I love the fabric you chose. Oh I wish I had that talent! Looks awesome.