Saturday, December 29, 2012

I am BACK!

Well, its time to dust off the old blog...while i have enjoyed the last 6 weeks off playing with my kids and working on the basement I am happy to get back into my routine! The basement is almost done!! we just need to tile and carpet and finish some touch ups... I painted the cement floor in my sewing room and cant wait to show you the finished product! I just have to put the sealer down, have my cutting table made and boom! I'll feel normal again!
But just cause I had some time "off" does not mean I could not stay away from working. a little... I helped my sister-in-law with a pretty awesome couch she scored for $100!! She got a fun black and white print fabric for the re-do. the couch is a 3 piece sectional that curves. The 2 ends are the same and then the middle is curved and tufted. Take a look... I just have to put the backs on. I gave her homework..(my machines are under plastic and dust...) she is working on the cushions. I wish i had a before pic, but use your imagination. It was brown wood with gold velvet fabric.... so these pics are just a teaser...

there are 2 of these that mirror each other

this is the middle that has a curve and has black button tufting.
I cant wait to get it finished!!

I also redid a few chairs for christmas gifts this year. One for my grandma and one for my mom. Remember these bad boys?

I was originally going to keep them for myself... which I kind of wish that i did because they are all gone now. Boo!! but look how great they turned out. this blue floral one is for my grandma. My mom picked out the fabric and we left the wood alone.

she just loved it! and for my mom.. I painted the chair black and went with a cream geometric fabric.

Its amazing what paint and awesome fabric can do!!! Well, all my projects over the break were upholstery ones because my sewing machines were under plastic and dust..otherwise they would have gotten some slipcovered goodies instead.
Anyways, I hope that my 2 reader's Christmas was fantastic, I know we had a great one and check back next week, cause Ill be back in business!! Have a great New Year!

oh.. and for those of you I had to bump over my "break" Ill be contacting you next week to get you on the schedule. Thanks for being soo awesome!!!


  1. That couch is a serious score! I'm jealous! I'm sure she'll get a ton of compliments on it. I also love the different looks for the 2 chairs, it's fun to see how 2 of the same chair can be made to look so unique.

  2. I love your chairs. What paint did you use for your mom's chair? I love the glossy black. I want to paint my kitchen table a glossy black, but don't know of a durable paint in that color/finish.

  3. @Foster...I used 2 coats of Kilz Primer because I HATE sanding!! Them I used Valspar Black high gloss spray paint. 1 full can ( it was like 2 or 3 coats) Once it was nice and dry I used a high gloss Polyurethane spay to give it a hard protective finish.